The Synergy of Heroes Chained & Blockchain: An Insight into NFT Dynamics

In the fascinating realm of “Heroes Chained,” the intertwining of gaming and blockchain technology has unlocked new dimensions of play and asset ownership. This blockchain-driven ecosystem empowers players by offering various Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), each representing unique in-game items or characters with real-world value. Through strategic gameplay, players can acquire, utilize, and trade these NFTs, enhancing their experience and potentially yielding economic benefits. This article explores the intricate relationship between “Heroes Chained” and blockchain, focusing on the diverse NFTs available, their acquisition methods, utilities, and the broader impact on the gaming and economic landscape.

Types of NFTs in Heroes Chained

In “Heroes Chained,” NFTs are integral to the gameplay, providing tangible benefits and strategic depth. Players can collect a range of NFTs; Weapons, Armor Gems, Guild Cards, and the exclusive MayinHara.

Weapon NFTs

Weapons are pivotal for enhancing combat efficiency. Weapons in Heroes Chained are not just tools for combat; they are coveted NFTs that symbolize power and prestige. They are not merely decorative but directly influence the outcome of battles. For instance, “Grimshot’s Fury” enhances archers’ prowess, while “Deathwish” bolsters assassins. Each weapon type is aligned with specific character classes, enhancing their combat abilities.

  • Grimshot’s Fury – Archer
  • Deathwish – Assassin
  • Wraithsmasher – Tank
  • Grimskull’s Dominion – Mage
  • Executioner – Warrior
  • Soulreaper’s Grasp – Cleric
  • Skullscreamer* – Warrior
    • *The skullscreamer was an exclusive NFT and is no longer obtainable. 


Weapon NFTs can be obtained by crafting weapon runes, offering a chance-based mechanism to secure these powerful items.


In Heroes Chained, weapons can be equipped to characters to boost attack and defense stats. Similarly, in the Fortunes of Ventuna (FoV), these weapons can enhance a character’s AP (Attack Points) and DP (Defense Points).

Armor Gem NFTs

Armor Gems provide defensive and health boosts to characters. These gems are not mere trinkets but pivotal elements that bolster a hero’s defense and survivability. Each gem, like “Radiant Ruby”, is designed to synergize with specific hero types, ensuring that players can tailor their characters to their playstyle.

  • Radiant Ruby – Tank, Warrior
  • Radiant Amethyst – Assassin, Archer
  • Radiant Emerald – Mage, Cleric


Similar to weapons, Armor Gems are acquired through crafting, emphasizing the game’s strategic and luck-based elements.


They primarily enhance defensive attributes, crucial for enduring tough battles and prolonged engagements.

Guild Card NFTs

LACERATING STRIKES IIILACERATING STRIKES III: Applies a bleed chance to the auto attacks of a single hero

Guild Cards offer tactical advantages in battles, acting as power-ups or buffs to turn the tide in players’ favor. Each card, from “Miracle Pouch” to “Lacerating Strikes III,” has unique powerful effects that can strategically alter battle outcomes.

  • Miracle Pouch
  • Raise Up
  • Iron Skin
  • Thunderous Blows III
  • Incendiary Strikes III
  • Venomous Strikes III
  • Lacerating Strikes III


These cards are obtained as players progress and level up their guilds, integrating seamlessly with the game’s progression system.


Their primary function is to provide strategic advantages in combat, crucial for overcoming challenging encounters.

The MayinHara 

The MayinHara NFTs are among the most coveted, offering powerful and unique advantages in the game. Mayinhara are limited edition items with powerful attributes.

In “Heroes Chained,” MayinHara represents a unique race, embodying significant in-game advantages and lore importance. They emerged during crucial moments in the game’s lore, symbolizing hope and strength against the forces of darkness. The MayinHara are not only powerful combatants with enhanced abilities but also serve as key figures in the narrative of Ventuna, the game’s world. They have special skills that increase team attack, defense, or spell card power, depending on their era and story significance.

The MayinHara are limited in number, adding to their exclusivity and value within the game. Owners of MayinHara NFTs enjoy numerous advantages, earning HeC tokens through missions in Fortunes of Ventuna (FoV), and exclusive benefits in Heroes Chained. Their strength and strategic importance make them a coveted asset for players looking to gain an edge in both PvE and PvP aspects of Heroes Chained.


Their limited nature and availability make them prized possessions, underlining the game’s dynamic economy. Limited to 10,000 units, MayinHara NFTs can only be obtained through sales and events conducted by the team.


Mayinhara characters boast superior abilities and the unique trait of immortality, providing strategic advantages in battles and serving as valuable assets in FoV’s economy.

External Factors Influencing the Game Economy

The economic model of “Heroes Chained” is designed to foster a sustainable ecosystem, integrating both Web2 and Web3 players. The introduction of In-App Purchases (IAP) for gold, chest and other sales and the allocation of these revenues to the reward pool demonstrate a commitment to rewarding player engagement and contributing to the token’s value. Practically, the revenue generated from in-app purchases will be exchanged for HEC tokens through market purchases. These HEC tokens will subsequently be transferred to the reward pool. The upcoming Marketplace 2.0 on June 15, will further enhance this dynamic, allowing players to trade NFTs and capitalize on their strategic gaming investments.


“Heroes Chained” intricately blends the excitement of gaming with the innovative potential of blockchain technology, offering a diverse array of NFTs that enrich gameplay by offering a multifaceted experience, underpinned by the game’s rich narrative and strategic gameplay. Through the strategic acquisition and utilization of Weapon, Armor Gem, Guild Card, and the MayinHara, players can significantly enhance their capabilities and influence the game’s dynamic ecosystem. 

The MayinHara, as a unique race, stand at the pinnacle of this system, offering unparalleled advantages and encapsulating the lore’s essence. The acquisition and utilization of these NFTs intertwine with the game’s lore, bringing the story of Ventuna to life and offering players a chance to partake in its unfolding saga. The game’s economy further integrates these elements, allowing for a vibrant marketplace where players can trade, stake, and leverage their NFTs for both in-game advantages and potential real-world gains. 

As “Heroes Chained” continues to evolve, it remains a compelling nexus of strategy, storytelling, and blockchain innovation, inviting players to delve into a world where their actions and assets forge their legacy in the realm of Ventuna. This dynamic integration of blockchain technology elevates the gaming experience, offering players not just a game to play, but a world to invest in, explore, and influence. Through “Heroes Chained,” the digital realm of NFTs and the narrative world of Ventuna coalesce to create a rich, immersive experience that extends beyond the game itself.

*Inventuna Games may, at any time, amend the pricing, availability, specifications, content, descriptions or features of the game and mobile application or any products sold through the Services. The inclusion of any products through the Services at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products will be available at any other time. All such changes will be effective immediately upon posting of such new product prices to the Services.*

How to Transfer NFTs Between FoV & Heroes Chained Step-by-Step Guide

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain gaming, the ability to transfer Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) between different game environments enhances the player’s experience and asset utilization. “Fortunes of Ventuna” (FoV) and “Heroes Chained” are two such ecosystems where the synergy between in-game assets plays a pivotal role. This guide is designed to help you seamlessly transfer NFTs between FoV and Heroes Chained, ensuring your assets move where you need them, enhancing your strategic options and gameplay enjoyment.

1 – Transferring NFTs from your wallet to FoV

  • – Navigate to FoV’s deposit page ( to begin the process of transferring your NFTs into the game.
  • – Connect your Metamask wallet where your NFTs are stored.
  • – Browse through your NFT collection within the connected wallet and select the NFTs you wish to transfer into the FoV.
  • – After selecting the desired NFTs, confirm the transfer to move them into your FoV account.
  • – Important Note: Only 5 MayinHara NFTs can be deposited during a single transaction.

2 – Connecting Metamask Wallet to FoV:

  • Begin by connecting your Metamask wallet to FoV. Ensure your wallet contains the NFTs you wish to transfer.
  • Click the ‘Connect to HC’ (Heroes Chained) button.”

3 – Linking Heroes Chained Account:

  • A pop-up will appear prompting you to enter the email and password for your Heroes Chained account.
  • Enter your credentials and link your Heroes Chained account to FoV.

4 – Initiating the Transfer:

  • Once linked, click the ‘Withdraw’ button on the main menu. Click on it to proceed with the transfer.
  • You can break the link between accounts by clicking the “DISCONNECT” button.”

5 – Withdraw Panel

  • You will be presented with a menu displaying your NFTs. Select the NFTs you want to transfer to Heroes Chained and click the ‘Send’ button.
  • After clicking ‘Send’, the selected NFTs will be transferred to Heroes Chained and will no longer be available in FoV.

6 – Transferring NFTs Back to FoV:

  • Your NFTs will now be visible and usable in Heroes Chained, where you can deploy them in battles or equip them to your heroes.
  • If you decide to transfer your NFTs back to FoV, navigate to the ‘Guild – Inventory – Tokens’ menu in Heroes Chained.
  • Select the NFTs you wish to return to FoV and click the “Send to FoV” button to initiate the transfer.

7 – Confirmation

  • Once the transfer is successful, you will see a confirmation message stating ‘Items deposited successfully’ in FoV.

Transferring NFTs between FoV and Heroes Chained is a straightforward process that significantly enhances your gaming experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can maximize the utility of your NFT assets, making your journey in both gaming worlds more flexible and rewarding. Whether you’re gearing up for battle in Heroes Chained or strategizing in FoV, the ability to transfer assets between these platforms ensures your adventure is as boundless as the vast worlds you explore.

!!! Important Pre-Transfer Checklist

Before transferring NFTs from Heroes Chained to FoV, there are critical steps you must follow to ensure your NFTs are visible and transferable in your Tokens menu:

Unequip Weapons and Gems: Ensure that any weapons or gems equipped to your heroes in Heroes Chained are unequipped. NFTs attached to heroes will not appear in your Tokens menu for transfer if they are equipped.

Special Note for MayinHara Heroes: If you own MayinHara heroes, you must un-equip all items (weapons and gems) from these characters to make them visible in the Tokens menu. Also be sure that the hero is not on an exploration. These two steps are crucial for transferring your MayinHara heroes back to FoV.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can smoothly prepare your NFTs for transfer, avoiding any potential roadblocks in the process.

Transferring NFTs between FoV and Heroes Chained is a straightforward process that significantly enhances your gaming experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can maximize the utility of your NFT assets, making your journey in both gaming worlds more flexible and rewarding. Whether you’re gearing up for battle in Heroes Chained or strategizing in FoV, the ability to transfer assets between these platforms ensures your adventure is as boundless as the vast worlds you explore. 

*Inventuna Games may, at any time, amend the pricing, availability, specifications, content, descriptions or features of the game and mobile application or any products sold through the Services. The inclusion of any products through the Services at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products will be available at any other time. All such changes will be effective immediately upon posting of such new product prices to the Services.*

Quest Mode in Heroes Chained

Embark on a Journey of Strategy and Reward

Welcome to the quest mode of “Heroes Chained,” where adventure beckons at every turn, and the rewards of strategic gameplay await. In this immersive world, quests are more than mere tasks; they are the pathways to glory, offering a rich tapestry of challenges that cater to every style of play.

Our quest system is ingeniously designed to keep the adventure ongoing. With five quest slots available, players continuously will be able to receive new quests as they complete existing ones, ensuring the action never stops. After completing a quest, head to the menu and hit ‘Claim’ to receive your well-earned rewards and add a new quest to your list. This system ensures a steady flow of challenges and rewards, keeping players engaged and motivated.

Diverse Quests for Every Hero

Our quest system is designed with diversity at its core, ensuring that whether you are a dawn-to-dusk warrior or a twilight adventurer, there is something for you. Daily, weekly, and spontaneous quests populate your journey, each crafted to provide a unique experience. From battling formidable foes to solving intricate puzzles, the variety in our quests keeps the adventure fresh and exciting.

Claim Your Riches and Progress

Victory in our quests yields more than just the satisfaction of a challenge overcome; it brings tangible rewards that propel your journey forward. Upon completing quests, players can claim gold, weapon parts, gem dust, and battle wisdom. These rewards are the lifeblood of your adventure, allowing you to craft powerful weapons, enhance your heroes, and gain the strategic edge needed for future endeavors.

A Quest for Every Hero

No matter your goal in the world of Ventuna, our quest system has challenges that will test your mettle and reward your perseverance. Whether it’s leveling up heroes, conquering dungeons, or gathering scarce resources, the quests in “Heroes Chained” offer a balanced mix of risk and reward. So ready your gear, set forth on your quest, and let the grand adventure unfold!

*Inventuna Games may, at any time, amend the pricing, availability, specifications, content, descriptions or features of the game and mobile application or any products sold through the Services. The inclusion of any products through the Services at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products will be available at any other time. All such changes will be effective immediately upon posting of such new product prices to the Services.*

Enter the Arena: PvP Mode in Heroes Chained

Test Your Mettle in the Ultimate Battleground

The arena in “Heroes Chained” is not just a feature; it’s the ultimate proving ground for those who seek to test their skills against real opponents in a competitive environment. Here, strategy, skill, and bravery are rewarded with glory and riches, as players from around the world clash in epic battles to prove their supremacy.

Stepping into the arena is straightforward. Click on the arena button, similar to initiating a PvE battle, where you select your heroes and guild cards. Once your squad is ready, hit the “Find Match” button to pair up with an opponent. The battle commences, pitting your strategic planning and combat skills against an opponent, enhancing the competitive experience.

Stake Your Gold, Double Your Glory

In the PvP arena, the stakes are high, and the rewards even higher. Enter the fray by wagering gold and battle for the chance to increase your treasure. This high-risk, high-reward system adds a thrilling edge to each fight, where a combination of strategic planning and combat prowess can lead to abundant riches.

Balanced Matchmaking for Fair Battles

Fairness is paramount in ensuring enjoyable and competitive battles. Our meticulously balanced matchmaking system pairs you with opponents of similar skills and strengths, guaranteeing that each fight is not only a challenge but a fair test of your abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned warrior or a new contender, the arena offers a leveled playing field where only the most strategic and skilled can prevail.

Rise to the Challenge

The PvP arena is a battleground where heroes are made, strategies are tested, and legends are born. It’s a place for those who dare to risk it all for honor and victory. Are you ready to step into the arena, sharpen your skills, and fight for glory? Gather your heroes, plan your strategy, and enter the arena where glory awaits the brave at heart.

*Inventuna Games may, at any time, amend the pricing, availability, specifications, content, descriptions or features of the game and mobile application or any products sold through the Services. The inclusion of any products through the Services at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products will be available at any other time. All such changes will be effective immediately upon posting of such new product prices to the Services.*

Details on Some of our Future Updates

Step Into the Arena

The moment you’ve all been eagerly awaiting is here – the PvP (Player vs Player) system in Heroes Chained is ready to test your mettle! Are you looking to quench your competitive spirit? Do you yearn to prove your strategic prowess against real opponents? Our PvP arena is the perfect battleground for heroes like you.

Balanced Matchmaking for Fair Battles

We understand that a fair fight is a fun fight. That’s why our matchmaking system is meticulously balanced. You’ll face opponents with similar skills and strengths, ensuring that each battle is a test of strategy, skill, and wit. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a budding warrior, our matchmaking system will pair you with the right adversary, making each battle as exhilarating as it is fair.

Are You Ready to Rise to the Challenge?

The PvP arena in Heroes Chained isn’t just another feature; it’s a proving ground for heroes who dare to dream big. It’s a place where strategies are tested, skills are honed, and legends are born. So, are you ready to take the plunge? Gather your wits, sharpen your sword, and step into the arena. Glory, honor, and riches await those brave enough to fight.

Quest System

Welcome to the world of Heroes Chained fellow adventurers, where adventure and challenge meet at every turn! Our game is not just about battles and conquests; it’s also about undertaking quests that test your strategic skills and reward your accomplishments. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to our dynamic quest system, an integral part of your journey in Heroes Chained.

Diverse Quests for Every Master

At the heart of Heroes Chained is a rich and varied quest system designed to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re the kind of hero who greets every dawn with sword in hand, or someone who joins the fray when the real world allows, our quest system has got your back. Our quest system includes a multitude of daily, weekly, and on-the-spot quests, each crafted to fit different playing styles and time commitments.

Claim Your Rewards

Completing quests in Heroes Chained isn’t just about the thrill of victory or the satisfaction of achievement; it’s also about the rewards! Once you accomplish a quest, simply click the “Claim” button to receive your prize. These rewards are not just mere tokens but valuable resources that can significantly aid your progress in the game.

Types of Rewards

What can you expect to receive for your heroic efforts? Our reward system is designed to enhance your gaming experience with practical and valuable assets. The rewards include:

  • Gold: The lifeblood of commerce in Heroes Chained. Use it to purchase essential items and craft weapons & gems.
  • Weapon Parts: Essential for crafting and enhancing your arsenal. More powerful weapons lead to greater victories.
  • Gem Dust: A magical resource used in crafting various gems with mystical processes within the game.
  • Battle Wisdom: Gain experience to sharpen your skills and outmaneuver your opponents.

A Quest for Every Master

Whether you’re seeking to level up your heroes, conquer dungeons, or gather resources, our quest system has challenges that will keep you engaged and reward your efforts. So gear up, set forth on your quest, and let the adventure in Heroes Chained lead you to glory!

The Latest UI/UX and Accessibility Updates

In our continuous effort to make Heroes Chained not just more exciting, but also more intuitive and accessible, we’ve rolled out some significant updates to our UI/UX and accessibility features. We believe these changes will greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

UI/UX: A Fresh Look with Enhanced Clarity

We’re thrilled to announce a major update to our user interface, especially regarding the character portraits. Recognizing how vital it is for you to quickly identify and understand the capabilities of your heroes, we’ve introduced:

Class/Race Icons: Now, each hero’s portrait includes icons that indicate their class and race. This small but crucial detail allows you to quickly grasp the fundamental attributes of your heroes, enabling faster strategy formulation.

Rarity-Indicating Color Effects: Behind each hero’s portrait, you’ll now see color effects that indicate their rarity. This not only adds a visual flair to your roster but also makes it easier to distinguish between common and rare heroes at a glance.

Accessibility: Empowering All Players

In addition to UI enhancements, we’re also introducing a new feature to make battles more accessible and enjoyable:

Tap and Tap System: Alongside the existing drag and drop system in battles, we’ve integrated a ‘tap and tap’ system. This feature is designed to provide an alternative, simpler way to issue commands to your heroes. Just tap on a hero and then tap on a target or location – it’s that easy! This update is particularly beneficial for players who find the drag and drop method less convenient or accessible.

Your Feedback Matters

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to make Heroes Chained not just a game, but an experience that resonates with our community. We always welcome your feedback as we strive to make Heroes Chained the best it can be.

Heroes Chained on Immutable zkEVM

In an exciting development for the web3 gaming community, Heroes Chained has recently announced
integration with Immutable zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine), powered by Polygon.
Heroes Chained, a groundbreaking fantasy game featuring a card-based battle system and rich RPG
elements set in the mystical world of Ventuna, has embarked on a significant evolution. Our recent
integration with Immutable zkEVM marks a pivotal milestone in the game’s growth, bringing several
benefits and opportunities to our community and the broader web3 gaming ecosystem.

Why Immutable zkEVM?

Access to a Massive Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

The partnership with Immutable zkEVM places Heroes Chained within one of the most extensive
blockchain gaming ecosystems. Immutable, in collaboration with Polygon, has captured a significant
portion of the blockchain gaming market, approximately 70% according to insights from

This dominance in the market ensures that Heroes Chained gains exposure to a vast network of
enthusiastic gamers and developers, fostering a vibrant community around our game. The vast
ecosystem not only enhances visibility but also encourages collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas,
driving innovation.

Gas-free Transactions for Gamers

The gas-free-for-gamers initiative of Immutable further attracts more gamers and games. One of the
most significant barriers to blockchain gaming adoption has been the cost associated with gas fees for
transactions. Immutable zkEVM addresses this issue head-on with its gas-free initiative for gamers. By
removing the cost barrier, Heroes Chained becomes more accessible to a broader audience, including
those who may have been hesitant due to the financial implications of gas fees. This approach not only
improves the user experience but also encourages longer play sessions and deeper engagement with the

Embracing Interoperability

Immutable zkEVM, with its commitment to interoperability, provides the perfect infrastructure for such
an endeavor. By integrating with Immutable, Heroes Chained can easily interact with other games on
the platform, like Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, and Illuvium. This interoperability enriches the
gaming experience, offering players new avenues to use their assets and achievements in creative and
valuable ways.

Simplifying User Experience with Immutable Passport

The Immutable Passport is a game-changer for web3 gaming, automating the creation of non-custodial
wallets and linking gamers’ social media accounts. This eliminates the traditional hurdles associated with
blockchain gaming, such as remembering passwords or managing wallet keys. The Passport feature is
pivotal for mass adoption, making it straightforward for new users to enter the web3 space and enjoy
Heroes Chained without the usual blockchain complexities.

Comprehensive Developer Tools

Immutable provides an array of developer tools designed to simplify the process of building and
launching games on the zkEVM. These tools are crucial for the Heroes Chained development team, as
they streamline integration, testing, and deployment processes. The ease of development not only
accelerates the go-to-market strategy but also ensures that the game can evolve quickly based on
community feedback and technological advancements.

Preparing for a Multi-chain Future

The web3 vision extends beyond single-chain ecosystems, anticipating a future where multiple
blockchains coexist and interoperate. Immutable zkEVM’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual
Machine (EVM) aligns with this vision, enabling Heroes Chained to integrate seamlessly into the global
web3 ecosystem. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Heroes Chained remains at the cutting
edge of blockchain gaming, ready to adapt and grow in a multi-chain environment.

NFT Launch on Immutable

In collaboration with our integration into Immutable zkEVM, Heroes Chained is excited to announce an
innovative approach to our NFT ecosystem. Beyond the ability to trade NFTs within our own
marketplace, players and collectors will have the opportunity to engage with Heroes Chained NFTs
directly on Immutable, leveraging its robust and secure environment. This expansion not only broadens
the accessibility of our NFTs but also taps into Immutable’s vast network of users, enhancing liquidity
and visibility for our digital assets.

Trading on Immutable

Our collaboration with Immutable opens up a new avenue for trading Heroes Chained NFTs.
Immutable’s platform is renowned for its gas-free transactions, providing a seamless and cost-effective
experience for traders. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of NFTs, trading on
Immutable ensures that your transactions are secure, fast, and free from the usual blockchain
transaction fees.

Exclusive Campaigns and Crowdsales

To celebrate this milestone, Heroes Chained will be launching several exclusive campaigns and
crowdsales on Immutable. These events will feature unique packs containing rare and powerful items,
heroes, and spells, designed to enhance your adventures in the mystical world of Ventuna. Keep an eye
out for our campaign announcements, as these limited-time offers will provide both new and veteran
players with exciting opportunities to expand their collections and gain an edge in the game.

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Accessibility

The integration with Immutable zkEVM not only signifies a technical achievement but also a strategic
move to make Heroes Chained NFTs more accessible and desirable. By allowing trades on both our
native marketplace and Immutable, we will be providing our community with the flexibility and choice in
how they acquire and trade NFTs. This dual-marketplace approach ensures that whether you’re in it for
the gameplay, the collectible aspect, or both, you’ll have the best possible experience.

Looking Forward

As we embark on this new chapter with Immutable, our commitment to innovation, community, and the
seamless integration of blockchain technology into gaming remains stronger than ever. We’re excited to
see how our players and the broader web3 community embrace these new opportunities within the
Heroes Chained ecosystem.Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to dive into the enhanced world
of Heroes Chained NFTs on Immutable. Your next legendary hero or artifact awaits.

About Immutable
Immutable is a global leader in gaming on a mission to bring digital ownership to every player by making
it safe and easy to build great web3 games.
The Immutable Group consists of the Immutable Platform, the preferred developer platform for building
& scaling web3 games on Ethereum, and Immutable Games, a global leader in web3 game development
and publishing with leading titles Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.
Co-founded by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson and Alex Connolly in 2018, Immutable is headquartered
in Sydney with a team of over 240+ leading technologists, creators and innovators, and backed by top
transformational tech investors like BITKRAFT Ventures, King River Capital, AirTree, Temasek, Coinbase
and more.

Website | X | Discord | Reddit | Instagram | Telegram | Youtube

About Heroes Chained
Heroes Chained offers an unparalleled fantasy gaming experience where players assume the role of a
Guild Master in the enchanting world of Ventuna. With its unique ‘Play and Earn’ model, the game
blends PvE and PvP elements, allowing players to forge their path through a world filled with diverse
hero classes, spells, and strategic battles. Our integration with Immutable zkEVM opens new doors for
our community, promising an even richer and more interconnected gaming experience.


Hi Heroes! We’re thrilled to share our future roadmap for Heroes Chained!
First up, we want to ensure a seamless gaming experience for everyone. So we’re putting our efforts into enhancing the performance and stability of the game as our top priority. After that is sorted, we’ll be rolling out the exciting new features listed on our roadmap.

・Quest System
・In-game purchases
・4th boss and related enemies
・User-friendly UI/UX Improvements.

Thanks for your patience guys! Your support means everything.

Treasure Trove Tournament

Greetings, heroes!

As the echoes of the Conquest Tournament fade, a new chapter unfolds in the realm of “Heroes Chained.” Step forward, brave souls, for a fresh adventure awaits! Draw near, craft mighty weapons, weave powerful spells, and engage in epic battles. We shall never yield! This city stands as the final stronghold against the encroaching darkness. Join the grand adventure of the Treasure Trove Tournament, a quest that begins anew on January 8th, until January 15th!

Prepare for an unparalleled gaming journey in “Heroes Chained”! The highly anticipated OPEN BETA is here, and we extend our warm invitation for you to immerse yourself in the thrill of the adventure.

The Treasure Trove Tournament will take place between Jan 8th at 9am UTC and Jan 15th at 9am UTC.

In the new tournament, all will have a great start. All the progress will be reset. If you have already registered, you can use the same account.

🎁 Prize: In the heart of the Treasure Trove tournament lies a bountiful HeC pool of 5,275, waiting to be claimed by the most skilled and valiant heroes:

  • 1st place: 1500 HeC
  • 2nd place: 1000 HeC
  • 3rd place: 750 HeC
  • 4th place: 500 HeC
  • 5th place: 350 HeC
  • 6th place: 300 HeC
  • 7th place: 275 HeC
  • 8th place: 250 HeC
  • 9th place: 200 HeC
  • 10th place: 150 HeC

May your efforts in the Treasure Trove tournament be richly rewarded!

How to join the tournament?

To participate, kindly follow the steps below:

Download the Game and Register: You can register for our game with any email address you like, log in, and enjoy the game.

Tournament Leaderboard Updates: Keep a watchful eye on your progress as you ascend the ranks. Our leaderboard, stationed at, will be your beacon of guidance. Updated daily at 2 pm UTC, it will showcase your standing and achievements as you strive for glory in the Treasure Trove tournament.

Tournament Quests

The Blacksmith (50 points)

Craft an item to earn points. The more items you craft, the more points you accumulate towards your tournament score.

Encounter Conqueror (100 points)

Defeat various encounters within the game to prove your skills. Successfully overcoming each challenge and opponent will earn you points towards your tournament total.

Dungeon Conqueror (300 points)

Conquer dungeons and overcome formidable obstacles. Each completed dungeon will contribute a substantial amount of points to your overall tournament score.

Guild Mastermind (1000 points)

 Increase your guild level. As your guild progresses, on each new level you’ll earn points during the tournament.

Heroic Aspirations (5000 points)

Reach level 15 on a hero to show extraordinary prowess. Each level 15 hero contributes points to your tournament score.

Boss Slayer (7500 points)

Prove your mettle by taking down powerful bosses in epic battles. Each defeated boss adds points to your tournament score.

Heroic Mastery (10000 points)

Achieve the pinnacle of heroism by leveling a hero to 30. Attaining this remarkable feat earns you a significant 10000 tournament points for each level 30 hero.

Epic Pursuit (1500 points)

Seek out and obtain an epic hero to bolster your ranks. Each epic hero you add to your team adds points to your tournament score.

Legendary Odyssey (2500 points)

Embark on a quest to find and enlist a legendary hero. Each legendary hero you add to your team adds points to your tournament score.

Fabled Armory (1000 points)

Unleash your crafting prowess and create legendary weapons of unparalleled power. Each legendary weapon you craft adds points to your tournament score.

Gem Artistry (500 points)

Delve into the art of gemcrafting and produce legendary gems with unique properties. Each legendary gem you craft contributes points to your tournament score.

Heroes Chained x Carv TOURNAMENT Wrapped Up

The tournament we co-hosted alongside has officially wrapped up!

The victorious champions have emerged big congratulations to our top winners!

To all participants, your dedication is truly commendable.

View the leaderboard at:

Prize: The top 3 ranks on the leaderboard earned an NFT weapon that will be available in the full release of Heroes Chained. NFT winners will be notified via e-mail.
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