January 5, 2024

Treasure Trove Tournament

Greetings, heroes!

As the echoes of the Conquest Tournament fade, a new chapter unfolds in the realm of “Heroes Chained.” Step forward, brave souls, for a fresh adventure awaits! Draw near, craft mighty weapons, weave powerful spells, and engage in epic battles. We shall never yield! This city stands as the final stronghold against the encroaching darkness. Join the grand adventure of the Treasure Trove Tournament, a quest that begins anew on January 8th, until January 15th!

Prepare for an unparalleled gaming journey in “Heroes Chained”! The highly anticipated OPEN BETA is here, and we extend our warm invitation for you to immerse yourself in the thrill of the adventure.

The Treasure Trove Tournament will take place between Jan 8th at 9am UTC and Jan 15th at 9am UTC.

In the new tournament, all will have a great start. All the progress will be reset. If you have already registered, you can use the same account.

🎁 Prize: In the heart of the Treasure Trove tournament lies a bountiful HeC pool of 5,275, waiting to be claimed by the most skilled and valiant heroes:

  • 1st place: 1500 HeC
  • 2nd place: 1000 HeC
  • 3rd place: 750 HeC
  • 4th place: 500 HeC
  • 5th place: 350 HeC
  • 6th place: 300 HeC
  • 7th place: 275 HeC
  • 8th place: 250 HeC
  • 9th place: 200 HeC
  • 10th place: 150 HeC

May your efforts in the Treasure Trove tournament be richly rewarded!

How to join the tournament?

To participate, kindly follow the steps below:

Download the Game and Register: You can register for our game with any email address you like, log in, and enjoy the game.

Tournament Leaderboard Updates: Keep a watchful eye on your progress as you ascend the ranks. Our leaderboard, stationed at, will be your beacon of guidance. Updated daily at 2 pm UTC, it will showcase your standing and achievements as you strive for glory in the Treasure Trove tournament.

Tournament Quests

The Blacksmith (50 points)

Craft an item to earn points. The more items you craft, the more points you accumulate towards your tournament score.

Encounter Conqueror (100 points)

Defeat various encounters within the game to prove your skills. Successfully overcoming each challenge and opponent will earn you points towards your tournament total.

Dungeon Conqueror (300 points)

Conquer dungeons and overcome formidable obstacles. Each completed dungeon will contribute a substantial amount of points to your overall tournament score.

Guild Mastermind (1000 points)

 Increase your guild level. As your guild progresses, on each new level you’ll earn points during the tournament.

Heroic Aspirations (5000 points)

Reach level 15 on a hero to show extraordinary prowess. Each level 15 hero contributes points to your tournament score.

Boss Slayer (7500 points)

Prove your mettle by taking down powerful bosses in epic battles. Each defeated boss adds points to your tournament score.

Heroic Mastery (10000 points)

Achieve the pinnacle of heroism by leveling a hero to 30. Attaining this remarkable feat earns you a significant 10000 tournament points for each level 30 hero.

Epic Pursuit (1500 points)

Seek out and obtain an epic hero to bolster your ranks. Each epic hero you add to your team adds points to your tournament score.

Legendary Odyssey (2500 points)

Embark on a quest to find and enlist a legendary hero. Each legendary hero you add to your team adds points to your tournament score.

Fabled Armory (1000 points)

Unleash your crafting prowess and create legendary weapons of unparalleled power. Each legendary weapon you craft adds points to your tournament score.

Gem Artistry (500 points)

Delve into the art of gemcrafting and produce legendary gems with unique properties. Each legendary gem you craft contributes points to your tournament score.

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