Heroes of Ventuna


Conqueror (Legendary)

The mighty Praelius is from the Era of the Last Guard. They were the MayinHara that stood against the Eternal Champions of Oblivion that attacked the dome protecting Last Hope City. As the dome began to weaken, rays of light burst forth from the centre of the dome where the white diamond shard was positioned. These MayinHaras of the Last Guard forced Oblivion’s forces to retreat from that battle and heroically saved the City. 

The Talam tribe loves to live close to the earth in simple dwellings. Some make shelters in the mountains, others are happy to live in cave dwellings. Others build underground ‘burrows’ which are secure and hidden from attack by evil armies. 

Praelius lives underground and worships the ancestor dragons and the spirit of Gaia Ventuna. It tends to its underground plants that grow deep beneath the surface. Praelius is a lover of mushrooms which are particularly well suited to growing in the dark and moist soil of his burrow.

Like many MayinHara, Praelius has a love of singing and music. It plays an instrument similar to a didgeridoo and as it is played tribe members go into a deep trance state. Then visions follow of future events and it receives warnings of dangers and challenges that lie ahead. 

Praelius’ powers include Taunt, Shock Wave, Shield Swipe, Glory Roar, Hard lines, Shields Up and Meat Shield. 

Active Skills

Ultimate Skill

Passive Skills


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