April 7, 2024

The Synergy of Heroes Chained & Blockchain: An Insight into NFT Dynamics

In the fascinating realm of “Heroes Chained,” the intertwining of gaming and blockchain technology has unlocked new dimensions of play and asset ownership. This blockchain-driven ecosystem empowers players by offering various Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), each representing unique in-game items or characters with real-world value. Through strategic gameplay, players can acquire, utilize, and trade these NFTs, enhancing their experience and potentially yielding economic benefits. This article explores the intricate relationship between “Heroes Chained” and blockchain, focusing on the diverse NFTs available, their acquisition methods, utilities, and the broader impact on the gaming and economic landscape.

Types of NFTs in Heroes Chained

In “Heroes Chained,” NFTs are integral to the gameplay, providing tangible benefits and strategic depth. Players can collect a range of NFTs; Weapons, Armor Gems, Guild Cards, and the exclusive MayinHara.

Weapon NFTs

Weapons are pivotal for enhancing combat efficiency. Weapons in Heroes Chained are not just tools for combat; they are coveted NFTs that symbolize power and prestige. They are not merely decorative but directly influence the outcome of battles. For instance, “Grimshot’s Fury” enhances archers’ prowess, while “Deathwish” bolsters assassins. Each weapon type is aligned with specific character classes, enhancing their combat abilities.

  • Grimshot’s Fury – Archer
  • Deathwish – Assassin
  • Wraithsmasher – Tank
  • Grimskull’s Dominion – Mage
  • Executioner – Warrior
  • Soulreaper’s Grasp – Cleric
  • Skullscreamer* – Warrior
    • *The skullscreamer was an exclusive NFT and is no longer obtainable. 


Weapon NFTs can be obtained by crafting weapon runes, offering a chance-based mechanism to secure these powerful items.


In Heroes Chained, weapons can be equipped to characters to boost attack and defense stats. Similarly, in the Fortunes of Ventuna (FoV), these weapons can enhance a character’s AP (Attack Points) and DP (Defense Points).

Armor Gem NFTs

Armor Gems provide defensive and health boosts to characters. These gems are not mere trinkets but pivotal elements that bolster a hero’s defense and survivability. Each gem, like “Radiant Ruby”, is designed to synergize with specific hero types, ensuring that players can tailor their characters to their playstyle.

  • Radiant Ruby – Tank, Warrior
  • Radiant Amethyst – Assassin, Archer
  • Radiant Emerald – Mage, Cleric


Similar to weapons, Armor Gems are acquired through crafting, emphasizing the game’s strategic and luck-based elements.


They primarily enhance defensive attributes, crucial for enduring tough battles and prolonged engagements.

Guild Card NFTs

LACERATING STRIKES IIILACERATING STRIKES III: Applies a bleed chance to the auto attacks of a single hero

Guild Cards offer tactical advantages in battles, acting as power-ups or buffs to turn the tide in players’ favor. Each card, from “Miracle Pouch” to “Lacerating Strikes III,” has unique powerful effects that can strategically alter battle outcomes.

  • Miracle Pouch
  • Raise Up
  • Iron Skin
  • Thunderous Blows III
  • Incendiary Strikes III
  • Venomous Strikes III
  • Lacerating Strikes III


These cards are obtained as players progress and level up their guilds, integrating seamlessly with the game’s progression system.


Their primary function is to provide strategic advantages in combat, crucial for overcoming challenging encounters.

The MayinHara 

The MayinHara NFTs are among the most coveted, offering powerful and unique advantages in the game. Mayinhara are limited edition items with powerful attributes.

In “Heroes Chained,” MayinHara represents a unique race, embodying significant in-game advantages and lore importance. They emerged during crucial moments in the game’s lore, symbolizing hope and strength against the forces of darkness. The MayinHara are not only powerful combatants with enhanced abilities but also serve as key figures in the narrative of Ventuna, the game’s world. They have special skills that increase team attack, defense, or spell card power, depending on their era and story significance.

The MayinHara are limited in number, adding to their exclusivity and value within the game. Owners of MayinHara NFTs enjoy numerous advantages, earning HeC tokens through missions in Fortunes of Ventuna (FoV), and exclusive benefits in Heroes Chained. Their strength and strategic importance make them a coveted asset for players looking to gain an edge in both PvE and PvP aspects of Heroes Chained.


Their limited nature and availability make them prized possessions, underlining the game’s dynamic economy. Limited to 10,000 units, MayinHara NFTs can only be obtained through sales and events conducted by the team.


Mayinhara characters boast superior abilities and the unique trait of immortality, providing strategic advantages in battles and serving as valuable assets in FoV’s economy.

External Factors Influencing the Game Economy

The economic model of “Heroes Chained” is designed to foster a sustainable ecosystem, integrating both Web2 and Web3 players. The introduction of In-App Purchases (IAP) for gold, chest and other sales and the allocation of these revenues to the reward pool demonstrate a commitment to rewarding player engagement and contributing to the token’s value. Practically, the revenue generated from in-app purchases will be exchanged for HEC tokens through market purchases. These HEC tokens will subsequently be transferred to the reward pool. The upcoming Marketplace 2.0 on June 15, will further enhance this dynamic, allowing players to trade NFTs and capitalize on their strategic gaming investments.


“Heroes Chained” intricately blends the excitement of gaming with the innovative potential of blockchain technology, offering a diverse array of NFTs that enrich gameplay by offering a multifaceted experience, underpinned by the game’s rich narrative and strategic gameplay. Through the strategic acquisition and utilization of Weapon, Armor Gem, Guild Card, and the MayinHara, players can significantly enhance their capabilities and influence the game’s dynamic ecosystem. 

The MayinHara, as a unique race, stand at the pinnacle of this system, offering unparalleled advantages and encapsulating the lore’s essence. The acquisition and utilization of these NFTs intertwine with the game’s lore, bringing the story of Ventuna to life and offering players a chance to partake in its unfolding saga. The game’s economy further integrates these elements, allowing for a vibrant marketplace where players can trade, stake, and leverage their NFTs for both in-game advantages and potential real-world gains. 

As “Heroes Chained” continues to evolve, it remains a compelling nexus of strategy, storytelling, and blockchain innovation, inviting players to delve into a world where their actions and assets forge their legacy in the realm of Ventuna. This dynamic integration of blockchain technology elevates the gaming experience, offering players not just a game to play, but a world to invest in, explore, and influence. Through “Heroes Chained,” the digital realm of NFTs and the narrative world of Ventuna coalesce to create a rich, immersive experience that extends beyond the game itself.

*Inventuna Games may, at any time, amend the pricing, availability, specifications, content, descriptions or features of the game and mobile application or any products sold through the Services. The inclusion of any products through the Services at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products will be available at any other time. All such changes will be effective immediately upon posting of such new product prices to the Services.*

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