Heroes Chained
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The Game

Heroes Chained (HC) is a real time fantasy action RPG card game, where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes. It introduces the “Play And Earn” concept to GameFi, challenging “Play To Earn”. It starts the “GameFi for game first” and “game first for GameFi” memes. Game-first dictates a great game which requires a great game developer team. So, team first. The game development team is built by and around Mev Dinc, the Executive Producer, and Onur Can Cayli, the Art Director, who work full time to develop HC. We suggest the reader to pause here, and check the two leaders of the game development team before moving on. They effectively illustrate the meaning of the above-mentioned memes and “Play & Earn” vs “Play To Earn”.

The fantasy world of Ventuna, which is home to many races and lands, has been ravaged by the Dark Lord Oblivion and his eternal champions. In a last stance to fight back, all the races gathered together and created the biggest city to be known in all history, ‘Last Hope’. Behind her walls, the city is able to sustain the many races and protect them from the Dark Lord Oblivion’s reach and influence. Outside the walls; the further you go, the more it takes.

Players own a ‘Guild’ and gather heroes, compete against others, and complete missions to become the ultimate guild in the city of Last Hope!

Players can PvE by sending their heroes beyond the walls of the city, to defeat enemies found roaming the map, uncover nodes and buy the land to claim them, find dungeons and claim artifacts, complete missions.

PvP elements include Guild vs Guild or Team vs Team by creating alliances between guilds allowing for Tournaments and Leagues (official or unofficial).


Build your guild. Gather Heroes. Craft Gear. Upgrade your Caravan. Be the ultimate guild in the city. Go to the tavern. Socialize. Make friends, team up, and clan.


Inside the city walls, battle PvP at arenas, tournaments, and leagues; official or unofficial.


Go beyond the city walls for missions, quests, and dungeons. Defeat enemies, uncover nodes and buy the land to claim them. Explore the dark world of Lord Oblivion. The further you go, the harder it gets.

Play & Earn > Play To Earn

Heroes Chained introduces “Play & Earn”, as an alternative to “Play To Earn”.

We say “game first”. We were gamers before blockchainers. We still are. We want the players really want to play the game. We know they won’t without state-of-the-art gaming experience. For this reason, we develop Heroes Chained; a great fun to play game; a metaverse players want to be in; a metaverse linked to other metaverses, an organic economy based on first the game itself and then the benefits of blockchain and DeFi.

Play And Earn is greater than Play To Earn, because both types make players earn the same way, and P&E is more fun to play than P2E by definition. P2E brings players from coiners, people playing to earn. When we compare the metrics like daily active users of P2E to gaming, we see that that’s the tip of the iceberg even though the modes are play-to-earn vs pay to play/win. P&E adds the real gamers to the list, onboarding the entire iceberg.

fun(P&E) > fun(P2E) => economy(P&E) > economy(P2E)

The new GameFi projects that focus on game experience first will classify and announce themselves in this group. We may see games move from “P2E” to “P&E” and maybe see the term P2E dissolve in or evolve to P&E, eventually.


Heroes, land, items, spells, etc.

The Hardon glove helps the hero defend against melee attacks, effectively, without loss in hand dexterity. Increases unarmed attack. Filled with right crystals it can apply mid-range shots of fire or ice.

The more powerful, the rarer

NFT Artworks



HeC is the in-game currency of Heroes Chained.

  • Convertible
  • Trade NFTs inside or outside the game world
  • Consumables (Fuel, resources, etc.)
  • Enhancements
  • Join tournaments, leagues
  • Transaction fees
  • Complete quests, participate in game events
  • Own token rewarding land, super heroes
  • DeFi: LP, swap, farm, yield, lend, borrow, etc.
  • Staking
  • Governance


If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Isaac Newton



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