November 27, 2023

Heroes Chained x Carv TOURNAMENT

Date: December 1st – December 31st


Come closer, my friends. For this world was once a blessed land where folk lived in harmony. Come now, craft weapons, cast spells, and fight! We must never surrender! This city is a last bastion against the rising forces of evil. Join the Battle on December 1st! 

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary gaming adventure like none other with “Heroes Chained”! The eagerly awaited BETA is about to start, and we invite you to be a part of the excitement. 

­čÄü Prize: We have a special reward for those who complete mission tasks and accumulate enough points to secure a spot among the top 3 ranks on the leaderboard: an NFT weapon that will be available in the full release of Heroes Chained.NFT winners will be notified via e-mail so do not forget to check your inbox and Follow our Socials for announcements!

­čÜÇ Mission Page :

How to join the tournament?

We are excited to announce that a tournament for our RPG Card adventure game, Heroes Chained, will be held on the website. To participate, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Sign Up on CARV : Visit CARVÔÇÖs official website and create your account.
N.B. Please ensure that you use the same valid email address for CARV registration and game registration.

2. Download iOS or Android version of the Heroes Chained and Register!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Heroes Chained Open Beta sign-up, CARV and game registration emails are not the same, you will not be able to win a prize.

3. Heroes Chained Open Beta Mission Tasks on :
The game’s Open Beta phase will commence on December 1st. To participate in the tournament, you will see two different task categories in the mission tab:┬á

Daily and Time-Limited tasks: Daily tasks are repeatable, while Time-Limited tasks can be completed only once. Those who complete these in-game mission tasks, earn points and reach enough points to rank in the top three on the leaderboard will receive an NFT weapon that can be used in the full release of Heroes Chained.The tournament is scheduled to take place from December 1st to December 31st. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your skills and compete with fellow Heroes Chained enthusiasts.

Why should you join?

In the world of ‘Heroes Chained,’ adventure awaits around every corner. Craft formidable weapons, unleash powerful spells, and engage in epic battles! 

By joining us in the BETA, you’ll be among the first to step into this immersive world. Experience the thrill of shaping its destiny, uncovering hidden secrets, and forging alliances. Plus, for your dedication, we’re offering a chance to earn a mighty NFT Weapon that will grant you strength in the full release of ‘Heroes Chained.’ So, why wait? Join us today and become a legendary hero in the making!

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