November 30, 2023

Heroes Chained Open Beta Conquest Tournament

Date: December 1st – December 31st

Greetings, heroes!

Step forward, brave souls, for this realm was once a sanctuary where people thrived in unity. Draw near, and forge mighty weapons, weave powerful spells, and engage in epic battles! We shall never yield! This city stands as the final stronghold against the encroaching darkness. Join the epic conquest on December 1st!

Gear up for an unparalleled gaming journey in “Heroes Chained”! The highly anticipated OPEN BETA is on the horizon, and we extend our warm invitation for you to immerse yourself in the thrill of the adventure.

­čÄü Prize: We’ve prepared exclusive prizes for those who conquer mission challenges and ascend to the coveted top three positions on the leaderboard in our tournament:

1st place:   Legendary Guild Card NFT and MayinHara NFT

2nd place: MayinHara NFT

3rd place:  MayinHara NFT

But that’s not all! Those ranking 4th to 10th will each receive a high-quality Guild Card NFT, with its unique attributes, all destined to enhance your experience in the full release of Heroes Chained.

How to join the tournament?

To participate, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Heroes Chained Open Beta: The game’s Open Beta phase will commence on December 1st. The tournament is scheduled to take place from December 1st to December 31st. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your skills and compete with fellow Heroes Chained enthusiasts.

2. Download the Game and Register: You can now register for our game with any email address you like, log in, and enjoy the game.

3. Beta Leaderboard Updates: Keep a watchful eye on your progress as you ascend the ranks. Our leaderboard, stationed at, will be your beacon of guidance. Updated daily at 2pm UTC, it will showcase your standing and achievements as you strive for glory.

Tournament Quests

  • The Blacksmith 50 points
    Craft an item to earn points. The more items you craft, the more points you accumulate towards your tournament score.
  • Encounter Conqueror 100 points
    Defeat various encounters within the game to prove your skills. Successfully overcoming each challenge and opponent will earn you points towards your tournament total.
  • Dungeon Conqueror 300 points
    Conquer dungeons and overcome formidable obstacles. Each completed dungeon will contribute a substantial amount of points to your overall tournament score.
  • Guild Mastermind 1000 points
    Increase your guild level. As your guild progresses, on each new level you’ll earn points during the tournament.
  • Heroic Aspirations 5000 points
    Reach level 15 on a hero to show extraordinary prowess. Each level 15 hero contributes points to your tournament score.

Why should you join?

In the world of ‘Heroes Chained,’ adventure awaits around every corner. Craft formidable weapons, unleash powerful spells, and engage in epic battles!

By joining us in the BETA, you’ll be among the first to step into this immersive world. Experience the thrill of shaping its destiny and forging alliances. Plus, for your dedication, we’re offering a chance to earn mighty NFT prizes that will grant you unique advantages in the full release of ‘Heroes Chained.’ So, why wait? Join us today and become a legendary hero in the making!

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