September 28, 2023

Heroes Chained Mini Game: Fortunes of Ventuna!

Heroes Chained Team Releases a Spring Treat For Gamers!

With the much awaited anticipation over the launch of the Fantasy RPG blockchain game Heroes Chained, and the successful first round sale of its unique MayinHara NFT Hero sale, fans will be thrilled to see the release of a fabulous mini-game this spring. Dig in to find out more…

A Blockchain Based Mini-game: Fortunes of Ventuna

The Fortunes of Ventuna is an idle game which is going to give the gaming community a chance to enjoy their NFTs and earn valuable rewards before the full game is released. This idle game is 100% blockchain based and there are no databases or centralised servers involved. Plus, gamers lucky enough to own the required NFTs can join the game for free.

What is an Idle Game?d

An idle game by definition is a game that has some mechanics which occur idly in the background while the player is not playing. That means a player can gain rewards even while they are sleeping!

Take Your NFT into Action!

Those gamers who managed to purchase the MayinHara NFT Heroes will have their very first chance to play their characters in this innovative mini game. It is a game of treasure, training and battling for rewards. Swords, steel, courage and a cup of coffee is all you need!

The Game

The complete design and architecture of the game is transparent and can be seen within the published smart contracts. Also, all the hero stat data will be kept on smart contracts and displayed in Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). The GUIs will be HTML and script based. Your Hero stats and progress will be easy to follow..

Hero Stats Explained

Hero stats only apply to this particular mini game. That means you won’t be able to transfer them to the Heroes Chained main game being released in late 2022. But you will be able to explore a mystical map with 13 levels with your MayinHara or regular heroes. They will also have attack and defence points for taking part in multiplayer sieges.

Game Character & Assets

In the Fortunes of Ventuna mini game, gamers can play as the MayinHara as long as they own a MayinHara NFT and also as regular heroes as they are released in the coming months. NFT items including gemstones, weapons and other accessories will also be included as they become available.

Game Mainpage: Hire Your Heroes!

A sneak peek screenshot of the mini game shows that hero hiring is also going to be possible. This is an exciting precursor to the hero hiring element of the main Heroes Chained game. You will be able to hire heroes or rent them out in the tavern of the HC portal which will be added to the game shortly after the release of our mini game. Once a gamer hires a hero, they are automatically listed in your ‘Your Heroes’ section.

View Your Heroes in 3D

One of the impressive visual features of this mini-game will be the Hero Details Viewing. By clicking the 3D icon on one of your heroes you can see all your NFT Heroes’ details including the special MayinHara language that describes the unique aspects of the NFTs. Plus, you can freely rotate and zoom the 3D model of your NFT to fully appreciate the beauty of your unique digital artwork!

Besides viewing your precious NFT heroes, this section is where you can attach Gemstones to your heroes or remove them. So your gemstones are not locked to just one hero.

Game Modes: Exploration

In Fortunes of Ventuna, exploring is the main single player activity. You just select an available hero for exploration and then click on the Explore button and you are taken to the map screen. Once on the map screen, you can view all the lands of Ventuna. Some lands are enabled and others disabled depending on the level of your hero NFT.

The lands on the map are in accordance with the hero explorer level of your NFT hero. If the hero explorer level is 5 for example, they can explore all lands from 1 to 5 repeatedly. The higher the Land level, the higher the probability of winning more valuable rewards.

Once you’ve selected the land you wish to adventure in, your hero NFT is locked to explore for a certain number of ‘ED1 (Exploration Duration) hours’. Come back later to the game at your leisure to see how long your hero has to go in the ‘duration’ counter. Once the ED hours are complete, the hero triumphantly returns to claim the reward for their exploration. The reward types include:

  • Treasure Chests
  • Training Arena Tickets
  • Fort Discovery

Tier System

There is a tier structure with five levels. Every normal hero who joins the game starts at tier one, and a MayinHara starts at tier three. The tier is determined by the number of HeC tokens locked for a hero. For example, if no tokens are locked, the hero will be tier 1, if 250 tokens are locked, the hero will be tier 2, if 500 tokens are locked, the hero will be tier 3, if 750 tokens are locked, the hero will be tier 4, and if 1000 tokens are locked, the hero will be tier 5. A MayinHara, unlike other heroes, starts at tier 3. Therefore, locking only 250 tokens, rather than 750, is sufficient to promote a MayinHara to tier 4. Similarly, a MayinHara will be promoted to Tier 5 if 500 tokens are locked for it.

Locked tokens can be retrieved by lowering the tier at any time. In other words, a MayinHara with 500 tokens locked can be retrieved if the player downgrades to tier 3.

Raising or decreasing a tier can only be done when the hero is accessible and not while the hero is on a quest.

The higher the tier, the greater the reward in the game; hence, a tier 5 hero receives a greater reward than a tier 3 hero.

The tier system is applied per hero and not per player. To put it another way, if a player has two heroes and wants to make both of them tier 5, he must perform two different locks.

Reward Type One: Treasure Time

Treasure chests are the most common outcome of an exploration. Chests can be gold, silver, and bronze. The value of the rewards changes depending on the type of the chest. For example, a gold chest naturally rewards far more valuable rewards than bronze.

Gold Chests

Gold chests are the rarest of finds and within one, you could be lucky enough to find one of the following prizes:

  • HeC Tokens
  • Stat Upgrades
  • NFT Gemstones
  • Training Arena Tickets

Silver Chests

Silver chests can contain:

  • HeC Tokens
  • Stat Upgrades
  • NFT Gemstones

Bronze Chests

These are the most common type of chests and can contain:

  • NFT Gemstones

The Lowdown on Gemstones and Abilities

The beautiful gemstones come in four magical colours: orange, red and blue, each increasing hero stats, and the purple MEGA gemstone, giving a boost to all stats. Orange gems increase defence points for your hero, red gems increase your attack points and blue gems increase your explorer level.

But remember that gemstone stats only apply to your hero if the hero is carrying it in their slot. If you move the gem to another hero, the stat boosts are removed from the original hero. For you lucky NFT hero owners, every MayinHara has four slots for carrying up to four gemstones, whereas regular heroes only have three slots.

Gemstones are NFT items and they can be bought and sold on our or other marketplaces. So you can use the gemstones for your heroes, sell the gemstones you don’t use, or can buy gemstones to strengthen your hero!

Reward Type Two: Training Arena Tickets

This second treasure type also allows you to improve your hero’s attack and defence points in the mighty arena. As well as exploration rewards, tickets for the arena may also be bought at the marketplace.

Each Training Arena ticket has a duration; the longer the duration, the more attack and defence points a hero will get. You can choose when to send your heroes to the arena to train and then the hero is locked into that particular duration period. Once training is complete your mighty hero is upgraded!

These tickets are also NFT items and are spent and destroyed once they are used. The unused ones, however, can be bought and sold on the marketplaces just like gemstones.

Reward Type Three: Fort Discovery

Last but definitely not least, Fort Discovery is a rare reward type from exploration. In fact, they are the sole way to activate sieges in the game. Even better, players joining the siege and the player who found the fort, all earn rewards at the end of the siege. Sieges are a multiplayer idle activity for your heroes to engage in!

If a hero discovers a Fort as a reward as a result of exploration, it initiates a siege and that hero becomes the owner of that siege. Being the owner of a siege means that when that siege ends, the highest prize amount among all participants will be won as the owner. A siege can have unlimited attackers or defenders, but only one owner.

The reward for participating in the siege is determined by the formulas calculated according to the participating hero’s AP or DP, the time until the completion of the siege, and which side (attackers or defenders) is stronger. At the end of the Siege, both winners and losers receive prizes, though the winning side receives higher prizes.

When the siege expires, the siege must be finalized and one of the participants is expected to trigger this action. This process calculates the probabilities according to the balance of attacking and defending forces and determines the outcome of the war randomly. The person who performs the action earns a fixed amount of HeC tokens. This is called the ‘Siege Ender’s Reward’ and it is to motivate the player who will pay the gas fee for this transaction. Finalizing can be done once and only after the first participant receives the prize.


This is the secondary idle activity in the game and you can send your heroes to the arena to become even greater warriors! The tickets are NFT items earned from treasure chests or bought in the marketplace. When you use your ticket for training, that NFT ticket is used up.

Next off, you choose the hero you want to train and they are locked into training once it begins. If you’ve run out of tickets, don’t worry because you just need to buy more in the marketplace.


Sieges are a really fun multiplayer idle activity. You can send your brave heroes to join either attacking or defending teams. You can allocate one hero or more heroes if you have them. Your hero or heroes then contribute to either attack points or defence points depending which side they are on.

There is a special siege page with a castle image and the attack and defence points are all displayed there. The longer the duration remaining for the siege when the hero joins, the more points your hero will earn.

When the siege duration counter is over, players with at least one hero have the opportunity to end the siege. The first one to end the siege gets a HeC reward if they end up on the winning side!

So Heroes, are you ready to train, battle, and hunt for treasure? This exciting new mini-game, Fortunes of Ventuna will be with you soon. If you just can’t wait, read more about it on our website.

The Quest is Upon Us!

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