September 28, 2023

Heroes Chained Game Content Information

Heroes Chained Game Content Information


How do we enter the game?

The players can log-in to the game by connecting their Metamask wallet to the game.

Can NFTs be used in the Beta?

No, your MayinHara NFTs won’t be available in the Beta. But, they will be your entrance ticket to the Beta as MayinHara holders will get access to the Beta.

What is the starting inventory?

Players receive their first three heroes, at the start of the tutorial, equipped with basic weapons and armor. Following the tutorial missions the player will have 5 heroes, with most guild buildings prepared and ready to start their adventure by the end of it.

How long will the Beta last?

The Heroes Chained Beta will be live for three days. (This is subject to change. Gamers will be notified).

Will the Beta reset?

The Beta will be reset after the end date.

What will we encounter when we log-in to the game for the first time?

The first time you play, you will be introduced to the game by a tutorial with a series of quests, where you will receive heroes and unlock buildings. These series of quests will teach the game systems to the players.

What are the main menus?

The City menu is the main menu of Heroes Chained. The City is the menu we will be visiting the most as it is the hub for all other buildings and menus including the Guild Grounds, the Slums, the Tavern, the Gate, the Arena, the Royal Palace and the Marketplace. Also, the buildings in this menu are non-upgradable.

The Guild is our base of operations for our adventures. This menu is home to the Guild House, the Smith, the Caravan Garage, the Hero Scout, the Royal Court, the Guild Advisor, the Healer, the Training Grounds and the Hero Housing buildings.These buildings will be upgradable, and will be unlocked during the tutorial.

The Gate is the hub for exploration; it is a series of teleports which lead to different destinations in Ventuna.

Not all buildings in the menus are available in the Beta. Some will be unlocked after the Beta is launched during the release of Heroes Chained.

What buildings are in the Beta and what are their functions?

For the Beta, the Guild, the Slums, the Tavern and the Gate are all available in the City menu.

The Guild is our main base for adventures. It is here where players can upgrade their buildings and it is also home to their heroes. The Slums are where players can get information from people for a small fee and these add locations onto your map to investigate.

The information received can prove useful, though it can also turn out to be an ambush! The Tavern is where players can receive useful and credible information for a fee. From the Gate, players can travel outside the city and begin exploring the lands under the dark influence of Oblivion.

In the Guild menu, the Guild House, the Smith, the Caravan Garage, the Royal Court, the Healer, and the Hero Housing buildings are all available in the Beta.

The Guild House is the guild’s main building where contracts can be taken and completed. In fact, this is the only way to gain the fame needed to upgrade the guild rank. Subsequently, this building automatically upgrades when the guild level increases.

The Smith crafts hero gear for players. Players will be able to create gear and weapons with the required materials found from exploring.

The Caravan Garage holds the guild caravan and it is where players can refill the caravan’s energy. In addition, players will be able to upgrade the garage to unlock new caravan upgrades, thus increasing the energy limit, storage limit and hero carry limit.

The Royal Court is where you will receive your first guild pack during the tutorial. It will provide you with guild cards and a caravan captain.

The Healer is the location where the defeated heroes will recover. Recovering takes time to complete, but it can occur instantly for a fee. Different healing amounts are unlocked by building upgrades.

The Hero Housing determines the amount of heroes you can have and it can be upgraded to increase the limit. In this menu, the players can view their heroes and equipped items. Furthermore, breeding is also done here but will be locked for Beta.

Which buildings are upgradable? Why?

Most buildings in the Guild menu can be upgraded using resources found from exploring. These resources will unlock new guild buildings and upgrades for heroes and caravans. All building upgrades require the same guild rank. The reason why we have the upgrading system is to unlock more perks, more slots and advanced options as the player progresses through the game.

How does the crafting system work?

The crafting is done in the Forge by the Smith. Players choose the gear type they wish to make, place the required materials and pay a small fee to start crafting. To craft, we will need to add a special ingredient, I.e. the runes, to the recipe. These runes will be drops from the dungeons in Heroes Chained.


What will we encounter in the map during exploring?

Once we venture out of the city gates, we will encounter lands and enemies under the influence of Oblivion. There are dungeons, patrolling enemies and camps where you fight the enemies in a PvE setting. You can also choose to not enter or engage in a fight and continue exploring. There are several resource points to be collected in the map that are used in building upgrades and crafting. Small resource points respawn daily, where big resource points respawn weekly.

How does the travelling system?

Once we go to the Gate menu, you will be able to choose a land to travel to. Picking the land will teleport you to the start of that area. There is also a button to instantly teleport back to the city in the exploration screen. Additionally, to continue from where you left off, there will be a button in the gate menu which teleports you directly to the last point you were at in the world before you teleported back to the city.

How does the caravan system work?

The caravan is our main transport, taking us through the lands of Ventuna. During exploring, you will be able to travel and explore as you wish, though you can only travel the lands while in the caravan to shield yourself from the dangers lurking outside. Before you set course on your adventures, you will review your caravan setup, where you can change the heroes you want to go on your adventure with. You can also change your caravan captain or pick which guild cards you want to play with. In order to change your heroes, caravan captain or guild cards, you will need to visit the gate again to edit your setup. The caravan has a fuel system which decreases as you explore and the caravan can be refueled at your guild for a fee.


How does the battle system work?

Heroes Chained is an auto battler with real time card play. There are 3 types of cards:

  • Guild Cards which are used to support the heroes.
  • Hero Skill Cards: any skill the hero learns will be added to the battle deck as a playable card.
  • Ultimate Skill Cards: every hero comes with an Ultımate skill which is more powerful than normal skills. These are also used in the form of a card.

All cards require guild energy to use them.

What are the fights involved in the game?

Random Encounters will occur while exploring with the caravan, including defeating enemies that guard big resource drops, entering dungeons and clearing all the rooms for big rewards.

How are the PvP and PvE settings and where will we encounter them?

We will play in a PvE setting and the Arena will be locked during the beta testing. Real Time PvP will be available in the city arena during the release. In the arena players can compete for big prizes. You will also be able to challenge fellow players to a friendly PvP battle if you encounter them while exploring.

What can you earn from battles?

You can earn resources and crafting materials for upgrading your guild buildings as well as crafting new gear for your heroes. Plus, in-game currency can be earned from completing quests and trading with other players.

What happens when you lose a fight?

If a hero or the whole team perish in battle, they will need to be taken back to the guild to visit the healer before they can fight again.

Beta is coming, are you prepared for the challenge to earn exclusive rewards!?

What can we earn from the beta?

All eligible players who connect wallet to Heroes Chained and log-in,

Anyone that participates in the beta will receive a special banner that will be placed on their caravan.

Any players that are able to gather enough gold in game will be rewarded with a premium pass that will activate on release of the game, the premium pass will allow players to earn extra experience points for their heroes and gain more gold and resources from gathering and completing quests.

Premium pass +10% Experience points, Contract rewards and Resources collected.100 gold = 1 day premium pass
250 gold = 3 day premium pass
500 gold = 7 day premium pass

Any player that is able to kill the Goblin Overlord in Beta will be able to get a special weapon that has a 100% drop rate for Beta which normally has a very low drop rate in the release, the weapon will be introduced just before the Beta release date.

All About Heroes Chained

HC is a fantasy action RPG blockchain game where the player becomes a Guild Master. Leading a band of heroes, you fight against the forces of the Dark Lord Oblivion. The magical Heroes Chained metaverse features a wide variety of PvE and PvP gameplay. Gamers players play and earn as they adventure through the enigmatic world of Ventuna.

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