December 6, 2023

Heroes Chained Dec 6th, Patch Notes

Hello Heroes! 

We have some new updates to Heroes Chained that we wanted to tell you about. Also, we hope you are enjoying the game so far as you adventure in the mysterious world of Ventuna! 

The Quest is upon us! 

Here is the round of updates:

Various visual bugs have been fixed.

In Hero Housing, the Bonuses tab now displays passive abilities gained from items.

An automatic claim feature has been introduced in the Healer section after  instant healing has occurred.

The post process feature has been added, which can be turned on and off from settings for devices that may be affected in terms of performance.

In Hero Housing, the skills tab now shows at which level each skill can be unlocked.

Next to the Level Up button, the required amount of Battle Wisdom is now displayed.

Visual improvements have been made to the UI to make the relationship between Boss and Guild Level more explanatory.

For Android users, an “Account Deletion” feature has been introduced, and explanations on the loading screen have been made more detailed.

The game’s icon has been changed.

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